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About Us
Coussement BV
Technical Info
Threading Tools
Metric (M)
Set Hand Taps
Machine Taps Trough Hole
Machine Taps Blind Hole
Thread Formers
Metric Fine (MF)
Trapezoidal (Tr)
British Standard Whitworth (BSW)
British Standard Fine (BSF)
British Standard Pipe (Parallell) (BSP(P)/G)
British Standard Pipe Taper (BSPT/R)
British Standard Pipe Taper (BSPT/Rp)
British Standard Pipe Taper (BSPT/Rc)
Unified National Coarse (UNC)
Unified National Fine (UNF)
Unified National (UN)
National Pipe Standard (NPS)
National Pipe Taper (NPT)
Thread Turning Inserts - Toolholders
Thread restorers
Drilling Tools
Drills Straight Shank
Drills Morse Taper Shank
Hole Cutters
2-step drills
Center drills
Indexable Insert Drills
ISO Drilling Inserts
ISO Indexable Insert Drills
Other applications
Milling Tools
Carbide Milling Cutter
HSS Milling Cutter
Bore Type Milling Cutters
Milling Tools With Indexable Inserts
ISO Milling Inserts
Indexable Milling Cutters With Shank
Indexable Milling Cutters With Bore
Turning tools
ISO Turning Inserts
Positive Turning Inserts
Negative Turning Inserts
ISO Boring Bars
External ISO Turning ToolHolders
Parting and Grooving Tools
Boring and Reaming Tools
Hand Reamers and Adjustable Hand Reamers
Machine Reamers
Machine Reamers Tapered
Modular Boring Toolholders
System Akko
System Wohlhaupter
Countersinks and Deburring Tools
Rotary Burrs Carbide
Cutting Form 6 / Double Cut
Cutting Form 3 / Single Cut
Cutting Form 1 / Aluminium Cut
Clamping Tools
DIN 69871 / ISO 7388-1
SK 30
SK 40
SK 50
MAS 403 BT / ISO 7388-2
BT 30
BT 40
BT 50
DIN 2080
SK 30
SK 40
SK 50
DIN 69893 / ISO 12164-1 (HSK)
HSK 50
HSK 63
HSK 80
HSK 100
HSK 125
ISO 26623-1 (PSC)
PSC 50
PSC 63
PSC 80
ABS Komet
ABS 50
ABS 63
ABS 80
ABS 100
ABS 160
MVS Wohlhaupter
MVS 22-11
MVS 25-14
MVS 32-18
MVS 40-22
MVS 50-28
MVS 63-36
MVS 80-36
MVS 100-56
DIN 228 MT
Collets ER / DIN 6499
ER 08
ER 11
ER 16
ER 20
ER 25
ER 32
ER 40
ER 50
Collet Holders Cylindrical Shank
Clamping Nuts - Spanners
Pull Studs
Drill Chuck Holders
Machine Vices
Machine Accessories
Live Lathe Centers
Lathe Chucks
Spare Parts
Measuring Instruments
Analog Calipers
Digital Calipers
Depth Gauges
In-/Outside Micrometers
Inside Micrometer
Outside Micrometer
Indicators - Stands
Measuring Tapes - Rules
Thread and Thickness Gauges
Hand and Mounting Tools
All-steel Screw Clamps
High-performance Clamps
Lever Clamps
U-shaped Clamps
Exterior Pulling
Interior pulling
Separation Pulling
Socket Wrenches - Accessories
Drive Square 1/4
Drive Square 1/2
Drive Square 3/4
Drive Square 1"
Drive Square 1.1/2"
Drive Square 2.1/2"
Screwdrivers, Screw bits
Screwdrivers VDE
Cutting Pliers
Gripping Pliers
Circlip Pliers
Combination Pliers
Pipe Wrenches - Water Pump Pliers
Percussion tools
Chisels - Punches
Grinding and Abrasive Materials
Flexible Abrasives
Wire Brushes
Workshop equipment
Drawer Cabinets
Stationairy Drawer Cabinets
Partition Material
Storage Machine
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