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Offer of new and second-hand material, suitable for the metalworking industry

Official dealer of Belgium

High-quality machining tools

Large lot ABS Komet

Second-hand toolholders, ABS 32 / 50 / 80 / 100, including indexable insert drills in various lengths, end mill holders, shell mill holders, drill chucks, extension adaptors
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New! Akko

Boring bars and exterior turning toolholders, thread turning toolholders, grooving toolholders, indexable insert drills, shell and face milling cutters

Strong in threading tools

Large stock hand taps, machine taps and dies. All thread types available: Metric (fine), British Standard, UN, VG...
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Threading Tools
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Clamping Tools
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Drilling Tools
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Milling Tools
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Turning tools
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Stationairy Drawer Cabinets
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Twist Drill Bit Solid Carbide TiAlN With Internal Coolant DIN 6537 L Hepyc 1177

Twist drill bit solid carbide TiAlN with internal coolant, DIN 6537 L,  Hepyc 1177

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Collet Chuck ER DIN 69871 SK 40 AD/B Gurfer DIN40 ER
Collet chuck ER, DIN 69871 SK 40 AD/B, Gurfer DIN40 ER
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Collet ER DIN 6499 B CL2 ER 32 Gurfer ER32-2
Collet ER, DIN 6499 B CL2, ER 32, Gurfer ER32-2
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Set Parallel 0,01 mm Mib 812

Set parallel, 0,01 mm, Mib 812

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High-performance Clamp Bessey SGM

High-performance clamp, Bessey SGM

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2-Jaw Puller Kukko 20

2-Jaw puller, Kukko 20

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Rectangular Shank Adaptor ISO 26623-1 PSC 63 Sandvik Capto C6

Rectangular shank adaptor ISO 26623-1 PSC 63, Sandvik Capto C6

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Indexable Insert Drill ABS 50 Komet Kub Trigon

Indexable insert drill, ABS 50, Komet Kub Trigon

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End Mill Solid Carbide TiAlN DIN 6527 L 3F Hepyc 3172

End mill solid carbide TiAlN, DIN 6527 L 3 flutes, Hepyc 3172

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Both new as well as second-hand

Besides our new products, we also offer a wide range of second-hand products. Mainly maching and clamping tools, but also measuring instruments, workshop equipment such as drawer cabinets, storage machines and much more.

These products are mostly from well-known quality A-brands. This can also significantly reduce your purchase price. 2 important advantages for your production process. You can find this assortment on our website under the label 'Second-hand'.



New and second-hand
4000 m² warehouse
Large stock of machining and clamping tools



Different price ranges
National and international A-brands
Offer for metalworking industry



30 years of material knowledge
Own fleet for transport
Family-friendly contact

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