All-steel Srew Clamp With Tommy Bar Bessey GS-K

All-steel screw clamp with tommy bar, type ClassiX, equiped with movable pressure plate. Brand Bessey with reference GS-K.

For tensioning of workpieces in wood, metal, etc.


Brand Bessey
Reference GS-K
Pressure plate Movable
Handle Tommy bar
Clamping force Max. 5000 N


Article code Opening mm Throat depth mm Rail mm
GS16K 160 80 16 x 7,5
GS20K 200 100 19,5 x 9,5
GS25K 250 120 22 x 10,5
GS30K 300 140 25 x 12
GS40K 400 120 25 x 12
GS50K 500 120 25 x 12
GS60K 600 120 25 x 12
GS80K 800 120 27 x 13
GS100K 1000 120 27 x 13
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